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IGNITE Scholars

Course Topic Details

  • Bioinformatics & Neuroscience: Modeling in Neuroscience (3 Spots Left)
    Ever wonder about the structures of the brain and how communication occurs in the brain qualitatively? This course is to introduce the models quantitatively and how we think about modeling the dynamics in the brain. Learn how to generate a set of data in python that could represent neural activity with data science analysis to get more experience analyzing it through the code with Michelle Miller, a Brown University graduate and a Columbia University Researcher in Neuroscience Modeling. (3 Spots Left)
  • Computer Programing (2 Spots Left)
    Harrison Schaen, a Princeton University graduate and a University of California, San Diego instructor, has over 20 years of experience in Technology, Marketing, and Sales. CEO and Founder of Issue Fixers ( He created the LADDER development methodology and is a co-creator of JETFUEL, the rapid prototyping program. By the end of the program, you will complete developing an app with your group to potentially expose it out to the real world for a better use of technology! (2 Spots Left)
  • Engineering (3 Spots Left)
    Work on hands-on tasks under the guidance of a Columbia Masters graduate mentor with over 7 years experience in aerospace and civil engineering, to discover the diverse fields of engineering and to learn how to apply scientific, economic, and social knowledge to solve problems by improving critical thinking skills. (3 Spots Left)
  • Videography & Digital Content Making (3 Spots Left)
    Get hands-on with the process of capturing moving images on electronic media and even streaming media to create a promotional campaign that could get you the chance to win a competition! Students will be guided by a leading professional videographer & digital content marketing director to lead students to bring their great ideas into real-life video trends & designs! (3 Spots Left)
  • Science & Literature (1 Spot Left)
    Love science and making critiques? Then this course is for you! A PhD Candidate from Princeton will guide you to demonstrate originality, technical skills, and emergence of personal voice or vision through science & literature. Students will make connections between paragraphs, summarizing/encapsulating paragraphs, relating paragraphs to overall text structure, identifying repeated/central themes and devices on “The Music of the Primes” each week. Students will also write a critique that will get them a chance to enter a competition to win a national challenge! (1 Spot Left)
  • Economics & Business: Globalization, trade, and sustainability (2 Spots Left)"
    Globalization and trade are crucial issues that all people need to understand. Course given by Richard Kirby, Master Graduate at Harvard University, will introduce students to basic economic theory on international trade and also explore some of the implications thereof. Particular attention will be given to sustainability and labor markets, since these are two of the most pressing areas of concern for people worldwide. (2 Spots Left)
  • Political Science & Public Policy (3 Spots Left)
    A state Legislator in Virginia, formal Chief Counsel, U.S. Senate Assistant Democratic Leader will lead students through in-depth engagement of interactive activities on real-world problem solving and critical thinking, test the awareness of economic principles and current events to study a range of global ethical dilemmas and the responses of the international community. (3 Spots Left)
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