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What did you learn from this program?

"I learned many different sides of environmental science, not just air pollution. I also learned how all the aspects of environmental science are interconnected as well as many fields of expertise I didn't know existed, such as epidemiology".

"I learned that air pollution is a really important problem that many people around the world refuse to recognize and I learned that peeling lead paint is one of the largest concerns for child health in the US".

"I learned about the effects of different chemical exposures, and the dangers of lead poisoning I also learned about the numbers behind air pollution related deaths".

"I've learned about PM 2.5 and how harmful it is to our body, ways we can change the climate by small acts, and the various reasons air pollution is a big deal".

"I learned how to compile data onto google sheets. I learned about how PM 2.5 affects everyday life and mental health. I learned about the errors and difficulties of gathering air pollution data".

What was your favorite activity?

"Visit to Autodesk Gallery".

"My favorite activity was going to Pier 39".

"Looking around colleges and hanging out with friends".

"Great America and Korean bbq".

"Bonding time with other people".

What was your favorite class/subject/lecture and why?

"My favorite lecture was Dr. Meg Schwarzman's lecture because it was the most engaging to me. Especially with the lead rusting issue".

"Dr. Sadie Castello's first lecture. Very interactive and Dr. Castello was very intuitive as well as intelligent".

"I liked Dr. Costellos lecture because of the various activities we did as a class. She also seems to interest me the most".

"Dr. Meckling because I'm interested in policies and ego engineering and Dr. Sadie Costello because I loved her activities and epidemiology looks really interesting".

"Dr. Meckling because his lecture best fit my interests in law".

What other fields would you like to explore other than environmental science and public health?

"I would like to explore biology. I really love biology".

"Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering".

"Arts or Anatomy of animals".

"Medicine and disease".

"Computer Science".

Student's Intended Major (Area of Interest)

"Forensics (autopsies)".



"Architecture and Design".

"Computer Science, now perhaps into Computer Graphics".

What was your best experience from the program?

"My best experience was making new friends with people I had never seen before".

"Best: being exposed to different settings".

"Best: social interactions with friends
Worst: waking up".

"There were a lot of good ones and no bad ones".

"Best=everything Worst=Nothing".

How did this program shape you or relate to your current academic interests? How will you apply what you have learned in the future?

"It really helped me realize whether biology/ environmental science was for me. Since biology is really competitive, maybe majoring as environmental science is better since it's really related. Learning the health effects will really help my interests in the future".

"learned more about the social aspects of health (rather than the science), learned to rule out marketing/managing startup from future career".

"This program can be applied to my interests in autopsies by giving me a new perspective on lung diseases caused by pollution. I plan on using this new information in a paper or maybe a school activity in the future".

"I will pursue my newly found interest of epidemiology".

"I think this program really progressed my knowledge on environmental studies and it's health effects which is extremely crucial in my major (public health)".

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